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How to Reduce Violent Meltdowns in Children with Additional Needs

Each of these 10 short videos looks at a different aspect of how to help and support children who have extreme behaviours and who also have an additional need. The last one, #10, is especially for the children themselves and their brothers and sisters, although mums and dads might find it helpful too. Taken together, I’ve endeavoured to give an insightful overview of why sometimes children can be violent, destructive, controlling or verbally abusive, and what adults can do to help them cope more calmly in the world around them. Some of the videos also address how a child’s difficult behaviour can have a significant and detrimental effect on us too, and what we can do to protect our own emotional well-being. These videos are designed for both parents and professionals, a starting point for thinking differently about behaviour and the reasons why.

Top Tips #1 – What it’s anxiety-led and not deliberate disobedience

Top Tips #2 – Why it’s not your fault

Top Tips #3 – Why traditional parenting strategies don’t work for our children

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