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What We Do

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Our Facebook Pages And Groups

Newbold Hope – Family Support Group
We run a private Facebook support group which you would be very welcome to join if you are (1) a parent or very close and involved relative of a child who is (2) Under the age of 18 (3) who also has a diagnosis of a lifelong disability or additional need or who is already on the assessment pathway, (4) who become so overwhelmed with distress and anxiety that they sometimes physically hurt other people.

Newbold Hope – The Dad’s Shed
- We also run a private Facebook Group especially for Dads and other close male relatives of children with an additional need or disability who also have anxiety-led distressed behaviour which includes sometimes being physically violent towards others.

Newbold Hope – Community of Practice
- If you work with our community of families you are very welcome to join our private Facebook Group for professionals and other staff to share learning and best practice

Newbold Hope’s Behaviour Information Page
This is our public Facebook Page sharing information about difficult and dangerous behaviour in children with disabilities and additional needs.

Newbold Hope
This is our main public Facebook Page sharing more general disability information.

Newbold Hope – Yvonne’s own page
This page shares a range of disability and behaviour related posts as well as other posts that may be of interest to our community.

Online Courses for parents and staff who work with this group of families

We are currently planning a range of certificated online courses for both parents and professionals. We will update the info on here as each one is developed and available

The Newbold Community Membership Site

We are soon going to be starting a club for parents who would like more in-depth training and ongoing support in helping their children move beyond their difficult and dangerous behaviour. We will update you as soon as we have a launch date.

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Online courses
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